That is one fancy hot dog roll you got there lady

this morning's--I'm not tossing a perfectly good...roll!

In the late fall-before school starts I sometimes get all Laura Ingalls Wilder on myself.  Yes, I watched every episode many times as a girl. I have very fond memories of watching them on the couch with my Grammy and crocheting! I read the books too–even though I was already hooked on the televised version outside my head!

I purge things, freeze things, and reorganize everything.  This often makes me more adamant that we not waste anything.  I’m not a big cooker–but of course if I want to save money I need to get more and more inspired to make my own. Ease vs. cost is a luxury I often weigh with intention.

Back from my days as a chef’s assistant in London (college years abroad) I learned this trick for left over bread.  In my case what do you do with one hot dog roll? Roll it out, cut off the round edges–or that wee moldy bit–add cream cheese–roll it up–cut into fetching slices. Tah dah! Marcel’s sandwich. I would have added jelly–but he doesn’t care for the stuff. A purist. And he loved rolling the bread.

And thanks to Kristen over at Rage Against the Minivan I have finally become acquainted with the i-phone ap “Diptic”. She has a great post on how to use your i-phone to blog here.  I got all artsy with it here:

self portrait with candlelight, Grandfather's nose, and on a dock

Share any favorite aps for playing with your photos? Tips for using something you often toss? Or ways that you are getting  organized before a new school year–even if you don’t have wee ones around anymore or yet?

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