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Derby and Flash/ all rights resverved by Mama C and the Boys

Before we left the lake yesterday each of us wrote in our summer journal books 5 things we’d “take home” from the lake. (Well that’s what we set out to do. Three is good too.) Then we went down to the dock, and blew the Lady of the the Lake a big goodbye kiss and said our private and public thanks. When the gust of wind came surging up and in our faces–all of our eyes widened. “Mom she kissed us back!” Marcel burst out. Indeed.

5 things we’ll take home from our visit to the lake:


1. seeing a turtle swimming

2. the eagle that was bald over my head

3. being in the canoe with Uncle

4. falling asleep in Mommy’s arm like a baby me on the dock for nap



1. I had a kayak

2. I saw a turtle

3. I swam to the raft by myself

Next year I want to go fishing and remember my fishing pole.


1. ease all day long (and how right everything turned out to be.)

2. getting the bat out of the cabin without panicking (accidental bravado there)

3. watching Sam swim to the raft by himself

4. watching Marcel pick up frogs, and enchant them into resting in his hand. (The kid’s a frog whisperer?)

5.  How beautifully we shared the lake, and how well we were alone.


To ease our homecoming last night we had a night on the town: pizza by the slice and an old fashion walk about. Well, minus the walking part. Roller blades for Sam and non stop “TAG YOU’RE IT!” for Marcel.  Blue cheese and blackberry ice cream for dessert. First time the woman there had ever seen a youngster (Marcel) devour that flavor. Standard vanilla bean for Sam. As heavy as the leaving felt, the ease in which the boys took to being home again was a gigantic exclamation point on an already marvelous week.

What are you bringing home with you from your travels? How do you help yourself and your family transition home with ease?

Peek and TAG/ all rights reserved Mama C and the Boys

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