Watching a video from Sam’s first/birth mom (and a litle Leo love)

It was only 17 seconds long.

The video I received in the email from Sam’s first mom, Tea.*

That was all it took.

Her words:

Hi there. I hear you are nervous. About what? I can’t wait to meet you and your brother. See, I am wearing your necklace that you sent me. I am the one who should be nervous. I love you.

And then she blew a kiss.

I had asked her for some kind of message, and had previewed it to prep Sam. I watched his face the entire time. At the end, during the kiss, he turned into one long soft wide smile.

When I asked him a little later what he thought about it–he said; “I am more relaxed now. Are you?” Can you stand this kid? So damn poised.Then he suggested we start packing–because two weeks is really soon.

Am I more relaxed? Well, if he is, then I am.

I am sweetly caught up in so much else that swirls around us (as gearing up teacher, landlord, everyday mama, soccer mama, take care of me too mama) and organizing the trip. We have a visit with friends in another part of the state a few hours away in the middle of our stay. So, logistics thankfully have my spare moments consumed. (Rental cars charging you $11.00 a day for a booster seat? I’ll deal with “inconvenience” of carrying them thanks! Speaking of rental cars- I am only $100.00 shy of having earned enough here on the blog to cover the car rental and hotel. That really is amazing, and I booked the car last night, because I know I’m going to reach that goal before the end of the week. (Thanks to my Leo super star S for her contribution yesterday. Just like you to be giving to others on your birthday. And just as I was proof reading this, an email announcing another wildly generous contribution from a high school friend, E, arrived. WOW.) A donate button will be located at the bottom of every post from now on. You are all making it happen! THANK YOU.

Roar! (special Leo love)/ Mama C and the Boys


*I considered asking her for permission to post it here–but I feel so wildly protective of both of them, that I am choosing not to go that route. I hope to film them together in a few weeks, and with her permission, and maybe with a password protection, share that here.


  1. Perfect. It’s got to be both stressful and exciting for everyone. I would anticipate some strong emotions; although you never really know when and where and who they’ll come from… Good call not to post the video. Sadly, we can’t blog everything. Some things need to be kept private.

  2. Well said. I have never once posted a picture of her, or any of her family, or Marcel’s donor. As he gets older I feel more and more aware of the boundaries of blogging. And, I know his everyday Mama is a storyteller…

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