A Work of Art from Mama C (& Easy Canvas Prints)

Solid border, 3/4", What is underneath?

When I was asked by Brendan if I wanted to receive a free Easy Canvas Prints in exchange for a blog post, I was tickled. One never knows how they are chosen for such honors, but lets pretend shall we, that it is because of my compelling photographic work on this blog, and not because of all the readers I get every time  Rage Against the Mini Van posts a link to Mama C! So to recap: I was asked to review the product, in exchange for a free canvas. (I made it clear that I wasn’t going to post a permanent ad for the product on my blog–and they were totally down with that–which felt important to me.) OK enough disclosures.

Ease: I was impressed by the fact that the entire ordering process took about 3 minutes. I picked a size, an image, a standard wrap (not the gallery style) and a solid border (you can also do a fancy mirror image for the wrap for a little extra). I found the layout of the site to be very consumer friendly, intuitive and fast.

Product: What’s not to like? I chose a photo that I can now call a “piece” that was of import to me, because it is from a series of pictures I took when I was working on the poem “Crazy Hair Day” in my head. Because the photo itself is a little comical, I liked the idea of the formality of the canvas as a juxtaposition. I’m cooky that way.

When I took it out the box, Sammy said; “Who painted that?” Well there is one viewer’s endorsement hands down eh? We looked at it together, and agreed that the effect was pretty cool. He really liked the feel of it–light and sturdy at once.

from the back

I’m going to bring it with me to my classroom–today–gulp when I start to put things back together in my little oasis of learning. Sammy is coming with me, so he’ll decide where to place it.  It is so light that two non offending pushpins will do the trick. The students love to see pictures of the boys, and I will cherish the reminder that my muses are always near by!

Tah Dah!

Next time: Would I? Sure. Even if I had to pay for it? I think so. Perhaps I’ll even find a perfect picture from our upcoming trip to visit Sam’s first mom in THREE WEEKS to turn into a canvas for her and her parents as a thank you. And although they weren’t able to provide me any free tickets to Disneyland, or a free canvas for my readers, they did want me to pass along this tip: if you like them on the facebook, you will get a 50%off coupon towards your next purchase and free shipping-but only click when you are ready to make the print–otherwise I think you lose the deal. Sounds daggone reasonable for anyone who was looking to do just that.


Thank you so much to the lovely Ms. R for her recent contribution to the Mama C and the Boys goes West adventure in three weeks. I am more than half way to my fundraising goal ($1000.00 towards over $2500.00 in overall travel expenses–airfare, hotel, rental car, gas, and nourishment). I’m asking for help to create ease. This will be a monumental reunion for all involved. I’ll make the goal–and you’ll get to read about all of it here for free!

Will I deliver an amazing accounting of our feelings leading up to and during? Uh huh. Will it be like you were there? You know it. Will you feel even more invested in the outcome, when you know you helped to pay for that $4.00 mini can of Pringles that Sam is already asking if they have. (Yes, I’ll buy the $1.79 version ahead of time, because I will not waste anyone’s money!). Thank you for considering even a $5.00 donation.

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  1. I love that photo of Sam, and I’m so glad to read that lots of ease is coming your way! Can’t wait until the three of you are off on your adventure!

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