When your brother is not around you…

nap, and nap a little longer. Marcel made it into the living room, asked where Sam was, and fell back to sleep.

Last night on the phone, I did not have to sing an out of tune rendition of Swing Low to Independent Boy. Instead I listened to his effusive (meaning two or more sentences) accounts of the rented BMX, passing the swim test to the town float (!!!), and more. When Sam asked to say goodnight to Marcel and Marcel kissed the phone while Sam kissed it back-I almost imploded with brotherly boy love joy. They have never been apart for more than 24 hours.

Having a singleton who entertains himself 95% of the time, sure is nice for a spell. But it’s got me all out of whack. We are three. Our fabric, our relational life, our way of rocking it is almost always about factoring in the other brother too.  We have all this new space, that Marcel is exploring. In some ways that space is easy and gentle. In other ways is about just how much bigger my tantrum can be now. For the last two days I have not been outnumbered by kids. I miss being outnumbered. Maybe as one of three kids growing up, I will always feel the comfort in that number. More likely, I just miss my biggest boy.

I have been ordered asked to play boat and spaceship parade with motorcycles. And you thought you had work to do! Thanks for stopping by, and sharing a moment with Mama C.


Thank you to the two new subscribers to the blog this week, and my fabulous friend K, who contributed to the Mama C fundraising machine! Look how amazing you all are? Ad free. Entertainment priceless!


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