Smile practice, links of love, and the Fresh Air Fund still needs YOU

Before going in to the studio/ Mama C and the Boys
Who knows he looks good?/Mama C and the Boys

What the Picture People captured was almost as good-but you’ll have to wait until I have the patience for the scanner to see that.


Now for links to two amazing must reads in my opinion. The first is from Love Isn’t Enough, on raising white children to be anti racist allies.  A read-over-and-over-and-share-with-all-your-friends-and-colleagues kind of piece. This is a little quote from the third paragraph as the soon to be (and white and pregnant) mama narrator is asking herself how she is going to go about raising her daughter as an anti racist ally:

What does it MEAN to be a different kind of white? This feels about way more than having a commitment to anti-racism. It feels like being a different kind of person entirely.

Second is this interview by Livia Montana with Nancy Verrier author of The Primal Wound, and now of a new book, Coming Home to Self on the Adoption Mosaic Blog. The last paragraph really grabbed me as we prepare our trip to Sam’s birth mom and family;

LM: What do adoptive parents need to know about search and reunion?

NV: From the day they bring their child home, adoptive parents need to realize that the child has two sets of parents and always will. It’s important for them to recognize that their children’s need to find their biological family is not something that’s meant to hurt them. In fact, it has nothing to do with them. Searching is about an adoptee finding out about his or her identity. You know, as much as we adoptive parents love our children, we need to accept that they’re not biologically related to us. And everyone has the right to know who their biological family is.


Fresh Air Fund still needs 850 families

I was asked by Sara at Fresh Air Fund to please remind my readers that they are still in need of over 850 families! Can you consider being a host this summer–for a week in August? Here is my post on the Fresh Air Fund from last month. So pleased to hear back from several readers that this was the push they needed. Please feel free to comment and lend your encouragement of other readers if you are planning to host, or have hosted, or were hosted! Thank you!


  1. We just had a 12 day visit of a 7yo boy from the Bronx through the Fresh Air Fund. He was full of wonder for everything. We played in the back yard, went swimming to the pool, took him (for his first time ever!) to the beach, and went to the aquarium. He could not have been sweeter. So very glad that reading your blog gave me the push to have him visit.

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