We’re almost there…

We're almost there/ Mama C and the boys

one will remain above us, and one below…

the pressure will soon be over/ Mama C and the boys

the insanity, the crazy thinking will all come to an end…

the insantiy of the compeition will finally end

and all of your help to keep Mama C’s muddled and marvelous musings accessible to many will not be in vain

musing mama

and another successful milestone will be celebrated quietly, and put to bed.

Bear-bear/ Mama C and the Boys


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Believe it or not the pictures dictated the text, and not the other way around.

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  1. Aw. I love how kids go ALL OUT by day and collapse at night. Theo really has that one down now. Hectic days but quiet nights (YESSSSSSSSSS!).

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