Pomp and Kinder-stance (videos-short and sweeter than sweet)

Sam “graduated” from kindergarten yesterday. He packed the outfit in his backpack–and changed into it after recess. He told me that I didn’t need to email his teacher to remind him he needed to change his clothes, because he would remember…

He received an award for READING because he came so far (from being a non reader to reading at almost a 2nd grade level at the end of K) this year. You’ll hear me gasp when I hear that he was given the reading award.

I cried a lot.

Mama and the proud graduate/Mama C and the Boys 2011

My son has left early childhood.

My son is infinitely capable.


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  1. This is so amazing! I  hate to sound the diversity horn but (it’s important in my eyes) as a TRA growing up in the time I did, this would have been so much helpful. You guys are very lucky! Personally, as a TRA, I think it makes it much easier to explain why your family doesn’t look like you or have the same skin color if the diversity of your class reflects that of your friends and family. Oh the question some would ask! (TRA rambling!) 🙂

    Congratulations! Miss you guys! 🙂

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