Pink is the new pink

Ninjas wear pink/ Mama C and the Boys

We wear a lot of pink. Although I must admit that I’ve never cared much for the color.

But I am in the minority over here. Marcel believes that pink has
super Ninja powers. When you wear your knee high pink soccer socks it allows you to sneak up on people really, really, really quietly.

Girls love pink, and I love girls/ Mama C and the Boys/ Mama C and the Boys

Sam wears his pink soccer socks when he has to be really fast. Like when he is mountain biking. He wears them to school because girls love pink, and [he] loves girls.

I wash our two pairs of pink soccer socks a lot. Of all the parts of my life that feel political, this is not one of them. But, again here I find that I might be in the minority, as this post at Love Isn’t Enough clearly attests. Of course this weekend when our family is marching with many other people whom we love and cherish during the Gay Pride festival, I’m sure Marcel’s socks will feel like they have batteries in them!

Maybe if I wore more pink as a girl I wouldn’t have turned into one of these despicable single mothers too?

Speaking of pink, I seem to recall a little button on my blog somewhere that might remind us about a little contest that is only 5 days from closing. THANK YOU all for the votes. We are feeling the pink, brown, and tie dye love in all it’s glory over here!

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