Maine mountain love and so much more…

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And that was just yesterday morning! Home for a nap. Then to the Sea Dog’s baseball game, which included a chance to run the bases after the game with four zillion other very excited kids. On the walk home we stopped in the park to newly reopened splash or stomp pond (think giant concrete play space that has intermittent spouts of water flying up “to Jupiter”that Sammy loves stomping on to make them go even higher!) followed by an hour of streetball with me pitching, and the neighbors joining in. As easy dinner and a live episode of Hill Street Blues (shows you how long it has been since I’ve had a television connect) right outside your living room window before bed.

We watched the man who was making very bad choices be taken away in a paddy wagon for a very long time out, surrounded by five other cars.  He looked very FBI’s most wanted being cuffed and led away. Sam’s take; “Wow Mommy. What if that had happened while we were right there playing baseball?” Marcel’s take; “Well Sam that is why we have police officers. So that we can keep playing baseball without being sad or hurt.”

Today we have NO plans. I hope to get all domestic  sew some new curtains, make pancakes, and play with the nutballs. Oh the parade, and the cook out. OK a few plans. Honoring those who have passed in a very kid accessible way is on the agenda too. YOU?


  1. Nice photos, Maine’s tourism board should tap you for its spring/summer ad campaign :). I’ll be taking in the sights and sounds of the Potomac and logging in some ‘flight time’ with my RC plane. I have arguably the best 360-degree view of the nation’s capital from Bolling AFB biking and waking trail! Epic!

  2. What beauty! Don’t you just love when you can get every kind of experience in one single day 🙂 I love the ways in which the boys view their world!

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