8 things I’m thankful for

#8/Mama C and the Boys 2011

1.That the hanging plants that the boys each picked out are still hanging out front today.

2. That the mouse is more scared of me than I am of her.

3. That I am not afraid to write a good poem.

4. The way that little bird’s head moves when it eats seed off of my kitchen window ledge.

5. That the adoption tax credit, grandfathered from 2005, arrived in the bank. (Yes, I had it for five years, and only used half of it in that time. Single parenting has it’s privliges.) That I notice the ease this little bump allows.

6. That I have not been on Facebook for six months, and appear to still be visible, at least to a few people. (For an inspiring post, on why one would even consider such a thing, my brilliant friend Dan elaborates here.)

7. That both boys still love to cuddle.

8. That I was able to allow Sam to say; “I kind of like Justin Bieber. I mean I can see why (insert name of current favorite female friend in Kindergarten here) likes him more than she likes me..” without going into a maelstrom of unmitigated fury. That after showing him who this Bieber boy was, I realized my musical appreciation failing as a parent can and will be corrected with a mandatory rock and roll summer tutorial. Suggestions welcome. The time is now.


  1. Can you believe that my little girl doesn’t have Bieber-fever? Tell Sam to hang in there, as soon as the Bieb grows a mustache, he’ll be outta the hearts of little girls everywhere :). Although you are missed on FB, isn’t it great to be free!

    • Ha! Laughing over here. Yes, actually I REALLY love being FB free. It’s been almost 6 months. One day maybe… but for now I really enjoy it. It feels almost like a rebellious act!

  2. IMHO Facebook has only help to fuel our increasingly narcissistic and antisocial society. Any type of genuine authenticity about us grew wings and flew away along time ago.

    You could try Sam on some Dave Mathews, Third Eyed Blind, Phoenix, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam…
    As you can see I’m more of an ‘indie’ guy myself 🙂 

    I think you have a tough fight on your hands. They don’t call it ‘Radio Programming’ for nothing. I swear I wasn’t supposed to like ‘Single Ladies’ but after they put that song into rotation every 15 minutes on every other radio station I could help but like it! 🙂

    • Awesome suggestions. I am thinking we have to feature an artist a day all summer. Get a list going of who we liked and more. I was a big Aerosmith fan when I was in my twenties. I am too embarrassed to tell you which song I know all the words to. It might have an elevator in it though…

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