Marcel Monday: kite. brother. love. flight. (300/50,000)

Holding my brother's kite with two hands/ Mama C and the Boys

What a magical (if oddly framed) moment to watch my 50,000th page view, and my 300th post land on the little ether island of Mama C and the Boys.  To my lurkers, family,old friends, and new visitors, this flight launch is for all of you.  Here the kite feels as if it is my words, our story rising up out of the confines of our home, street, community, town, and state to a much larger and higher place of connection with this global audience of ours. To higher grounds, deeper connections, and holding on with all hands.

Inspired by See Theo Run’s What I learned in… series I am thinking of a what (little) I know about blogging that I didn’t know then post.  I have so many posts eager to break the surface. But it’s May. And May is Mother’s Month. May is say No to every external request and deadline possible. May is my month of ease. That is what I learned in March and April–we all need Mama to be on a much slower track. I’ll have to start scratching down some notes about that too. All in good time. Happy Month of Mothering yourselves, wherever you are in the journey of mother/parenthood.


  1. What a wonderful photo… and I love how it’s framed. It’s as if the kite is taking the boys on it’s journey, and in their expressions are all the emotions one would expect when being pulled along by a kite!

    It’s wonderful you are connecting with what you need for yourself. One could say in doing so you are making yourself strong and whole, more able to “be” for your boys, your family. Our hearts, our homes, our family, are the places from which all wondrous things come, where true change in the world starts.

  2. Wow 300 posts! I love the poetry of your posts and the photos. You area true original. Take it easy in May. I may actually take a bloggy break while I go back to school for two months… We’ll see! Happy Mother’s May 😉

    • I love that. Happy Mother’s May! And to you. School? TOO COOL. IN what? I’ll write you off line and ask! And BTW from a true original that is HIGH PRAISE MAMA!!!

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