One (tooth and reason we love being in an open adoption)

My first lost tooth/ Mama C and the Boys

The post-a-day photo challenge this week is the word: One.  I think this meets the bill.

He lost it at lunch. He was eating strawberries with his old friend Finn. Prior to the berry he was terrified that it was going to hurt, or bleed a lot.  Finn tried to reassure, having recently lost his second tooth, that it wouldn’t hurt.  The joy on his face, is 5 parts relief, and 5 parts “I’m a big boy now!” I immediately sent Tea (his first mom) a text, with this picture. She said; “OMG he is a snaggle!” Sharing a moment like that with the other person in the world who cherishes the milestones as much as you do, is one more reason being in an open adoption is amazing.

What do you think of when you hear the word one? What milestone, or moment have you shared with a first parent that felt that good?


  1. Recently, the first time my daughter rolled over from her front to her back, I immediately texted her birth mom. I knew she was probably the only other person who would be as excited as me.

  2. I share every milestone with Jackson’s first mom, and I love hearing her reactions. I get so excited to tell her all about how healthy, happy and smart our little boy is, because I know she is as happy as I am about it all.

    As for one, I think of ONE good night’s sleep. That’s what I am craving right now:). Just one…

  3. Love it! Emma recently lost another tooth too. She just strolled into my room, handed it to me and said that she wiggled it out. Its so funny how they are so sure of the unsure, and in the end they are all smiles once that baby is actually out 🙂

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