Marcel Monday: Smoothie Guys go screen free

Marcel’s Superhero Guy Smoothies:

two cups(ish) Greek non fat yogurt

1 frozen banana (we cut up nanas that have gone brown on the outside, and freeze them for smoothie time!)

1 scoop of protein powder (in the cupboard to boost up the smoothies when I remember)

1 cup of frozen berry mix (blues, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries)

3/4 cup frozen spinach (shhhhhhhhhh)*

enough liquid to make it smooooooth: rice milk, or cranberry juice are our faves


*I was accused of subterfuge here I think that is a bit strong.

Any other clever recipes you feel like sharing?  Marcel decided he wanted to shake it up here, and share his favorite food, and a few toys for good measure.

Reminder: This is turn off your screens/televisions week. For an excellent post on the topic see this piece by Pragmatic Mom. (We don’t have a television per se so we started in the green today. We just do videos). Sam and I planned out a few activities including: skateboard park, planting radishes

playdough challenge

painting, and whining. As it is Spring break here, we’ve got time, and play dates on our side too. Last night: we had a playdough challenge after dinner while I cleaned up the dishes etc. Super fun. I call out a word; “Starfish”. Then I turn over the egg timer, and the boys both try to complete a starfish before the timer went off. Then they took turns coming up with the next challenge; airplane and pizza. And yes you are seeing both home made playdough (not my doing) and this groovy homemade kind you can buy (not my doing either).

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