Chocolate Lovers Fraternity

I love you when you let me lick the bowl/Mama C and the Boys


Did you save me any?/ Mama C and the Boys

My two favorites, enjoying our collective third.

And speaking of fraternity–one of my all time favorite people, let alone writers and transracial mama (of three) and wife to another one of my all time favorite people has a BLOG finally: Foreigner in Buckeye Nation. You can be there from the very first post, be one for the first ten loyal followers even.  From her header:

Moved my transracially-adoptive, mostly-Jewish, Heather-has-two-mommies family from Portland, Maine to Columbus, Ohio in August, 2010. Why? Well because … oh, it’s a long story. I mean, it could be a short story, but I’m not good at short stories. Really the point is: I’m trying to figure out where we landed.

And if you didn’t get a chance to yet (on account of me being so prolific today and yesterday) please stop back and read yesterday’s poetry post, and leave a line of your own. Don’t be intimidated by those who come before you (although I might have) and leave us a line.



  1. Thanks for the shout out lovely woman. You are tried and true. And how inspiring to spend a little time at this world you have created. We all move forward with every step you take. Love to you and those guys.

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