Toothful of Tuesday

Smile for the hygienist/Mama C and the Boys

I don’t know about you, but wearing the shades was never part of my dentist visit decorum when I was little. The box of rings to choose from at the end of the visit on the other hand, was always a highlight after all my carrying about “What if I have a CAVITEEEE?!!”

Sam’s teeth are in super shape, filling free, and that loosey he talks about? The dentist showed him exactly which one is coming out first by showing him the others pushing on up in the panoramic view. Can you see the first tooth due to make her way to the land of porcelain? (Hint look to the lower set.)  As we were leaving Sam said it all; “What do you mean I have to wait six months before I come back? Marcel took it all this time, and his first cleaning is later this week.


  1. Congratulations on getting through the visit without a “We’re going to refer you to the orthodontist” conversation. I was NOT expecting that with my kindergarten age child. Well, HOPEFULLY you didn’t get that conversation….

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