On Co-Parenting Matters (tonight)

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Tonight (9:30 E.S.T) I have the honor of being on Co-Parenting Matters to talk about how my brother Marc and I go about our version of a design it as you go, co-parenting relationship. A little over a year ago, I wrote about the topic here on Mama C, and over at Moms of Hue (now We of Hue).  I am super excited to be able to talk about the path we are blazing here in our own way. A sibling co-parenting model is not often talked about  in this society to my knowledge. But I can see that this would be a direction more families work towards as economic and environmental benefits of co-housing and co-parenting become more appealing to many.  I would love to know if others have seen one in action, currently or historically?

I imagine that we have evolved a bit since last yer when I wrote those pieces. Probably much of what we do looks the same too. (If the boys were older I’d love to have them on too.)  Marc and I checked in the other night on what we both think co-parenting means. He had some great thoughts and insights that I had never considered.   A few of the topics we hope to cover tonight include:

Why and when did I decide to formally enlist my brother as a co-parent?  What is different about your arrangement now than before you made this decision?

Do our parenting styles differ? And how have our roles evolved/changed over time?

How do the kids benefit from our co-parenting partnership?

What challenges do we face as co-parents?   How do we manage conflict?

If you can listen in do, otherwise, stop by here in a few days when I figure out how to embed it. Just for the record I asked Marc do take the boys out this morning for a few hours so I could post, I mean rest. There was a lot of waking going on around here last night due to stuffed up noses, accidents, and scary dreams. Lights out for mommy (and sister) for a little nap…



  1. I am also co-parenting with my brother in our own way. It has really deepened our relationship although it had had it’s own challenges. It’s nice to know we’re not the only ones beyond normal in that aspect.

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