Marcel Monday: Signs of life (in Maine)

Spring here is called mud season. Or Farchil (a word that I heard for the first time, Saturday)  which means February, March and April all slushed into one.  On a little walk up north yesterday, Marcel and I went looking for signs that winter is ending in a few weeks.  We found many. Can you detect all the good omens below?

Watering can popping up/ Mama C and the Boys
The glisten of mud, an unzipped coat/ Mama C and the Boys

That you are seeing the road, and not snow, and enough solar power to cause my little temperature sensitive one to unzip are all key. That he could find a stick to pick up, that was not under the snow, or frozen solid is another clue. That I can’t get anyone out of bed this morning because of daylight savings time…

To Farchil and beyond!


  1. Ah, daylight savings time. I just had the yearly spring argument with my first grader. “But Mom. It’s still light out. I want to play!” She’s in tears, crying, telling me how she’s not tired and she can’t go to bed because it’s still light out. At least now she’s learning to tell time so I could take her out and show her the clock. And no, in the morning she won’t get up because its still dark. Whoever invented daylight savings time did not have schedule driven children.

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