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Morning faces 1/ Mama C and the Boys

I got so much sleep last night that my back hurt this morning. Good pain. Rest has been a huge priority this week. Water. Rest. Exercise. Remember that triumvirate? I am here to remind you that parents need it as much as the kids do.

The boys have been asleep by 8:15 every night this week. That is about a one hour and fifteen minute per night shift in the earlier direction. Over one week, that is almost a seven hour increase for the kids. Think about that. Seven hours equals an entire night’s sleep for many of us. Huh.

Morning Faces 2/ Mama C and the Boys

This week I have been contacted by several  individuals with talking about adoption related questions. This is new. Clearly a sign of the blog’s readership reaching new readers (mostly  a result of the AFM recognition I imagine) and I would like to think that the blog is simply reaching out in new ways. I have enjoyed the one on one opportunities, and gladly given over my morning blog writing routine for the emails.  In most cases I sent people to other resources, as I am no expert. I can suggest the title of a book, or flush out some questions, but it is also a sign of my own maturation perhaps to realize how personal each journey is. How I am here to share one approach, both flawed and successful. Of course, the crazy thing with parenting is that I’ll have a much better idea how I am doing in say- twenty years?

Last night I pretended I was stinking rich. I have been in penny pinching mode for so many weeks, it was time to loosen up the reins for the night. I went to this fancy shmancy store that calls itself a purveyor of fine provisions and bought the fruits of another mama’s labors: sweet potato soup, garlic and lemon green beans, cheese quiche (Ever notice  how the ette ending adds a good $3.00 a pound? The cheese tartelette was no longer just a mini quiche, or cheese pie as we call it here…) and rice crispy things with a chocolate ganache layer to boot.  (Oh and a ten dollar jar of Maine raspberry jam for Sam. The generic wasn’t cutting it he said.)  Along with rest, water, and exercise a quality pre-made meal in front of a family film on the couch with the kids for two hours followed by bath and everyone right to bed was a little bit of alright over here.

We’re gaining light this weekend, and losing an hour of sleep. Maybe a great time to remember to tuck in and get cozy a few more minutes each day? What’s your self care tip for the day? Lay it on us.


  1. Glad to mentioned that we’ll be “springing up” this weekend. I thought this post was an excellent reminder that, in order to not mourn that lost hour so greatly, we might wanna consider calling it a night a little earlier. If I’m gonna get smiles like those out of the deal, I’m doing it!!

    My self care tip for the day is: Healthy Snacking. I packed myself a healthy breakfast and a healthy lunch today for work, and got the fuel to tackle the work day. A little inner TLC for me.

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