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My kids are rocking their worlds. I am feeling damn near accomplished these days as a result of their success and mine. I have a piece (that previously appeared here) over at the redesigned Single Mothers by Choice website today.  I’m tickled about that.

I have been asked to be the guest on two up coming radio shows in the next month and half. One is on co-parenting (with your sibling) on the show Co-Parenting Matters (scheduled for March 27th) and the other is on being a rocking single parent.  More details to come, as everything get solidified.

And having the copy of this here magazine in my hand with Mama C featured in all her glory is pretty remarkable to me.

20 Best Blogs Cover/ Adoptive Families Magazine

Finally I am pleased to report that my little jar SOLD at First Friday this weekend. When we were at the gallery Saturday, and the curator told us, Sam said; “I told you it would!”. He loved my jar from the beginning, even when I doubted it’s merit in the show. For more on that neat project, and to see some very cool jars, including mine (the first one there) click here. The man who bought it, loved it, and took it then and there. I was asked to make another!

What are you tooting about these days? Share it here. Let us celebrate YOU.  Putting it out there in the universe is a very powerful step to making it happen. SO what would you LIKE to be tooting your horn about? That counts in my book. Let us support you in that journey.


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