Sammy Saturday: On Star Charts, Rango and Oatmeal

On Star Charts:

Me: Your teacher said removing the star chart seems to have made it easier for you to be your best YOU. Is that true?

Sam: Yup

Me: How come?

Sam: Because I didn’t have to be worried about it.

Me: Worried about what? What made you worry?

Sam: I felt like I was always being watched.

Mommy’s note: the star chart’s efficacy was called into question by all involved about a month ago. After a meeting, and research, and much thought it was determined that the star chart would be removed after February break. This has proven to be a fantastic choice.  Instead of saying to me “two-stars” or “four stars” when I picked him up this week, he said; “Mom I had on some serious elephant listening ears today”. And “Mom I know how to be me now.” This is not just about changes at school. The entire house has been in a sort of “logical consequences” boot camp for about three weeks. The results have been undeniable. Obviously this demands a much longer post. Just want you all to know we are in a great space, because of some very consistent shifts at home and in school.

On Rango:

Sam: I liked the cowboy, the lizard. I liked the snake kind of.  Did you see when they were walking underground and there was that big eye? That was the SNAKE!

Me: Is it for older kids? Or kids your age?

Sam: It is for us. I would see it again! Can we go today?

Mommy’s Note: the movie is heavy in the guns and physical violence department. It is full of literary references, and philosophical musings. Animated does not a child movie make!

I would imagine it would be a great moving to go see if you just finished reading Carlos Casteneda, or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas perhaps? I did not do my homework on this one, and felt totally ashamed with myself that I was sitting in the theater watching this with my two sons. I get so sucked into any kids film that aren’t featuring all white kids, that I leaped too quickly here. Other thoughts welcome on the film! By the way, the snake at the end SCARED me. (Sammy’s note above about the snake eye is totally cool–I didn’t get what he saw–he is right I think.)  Overall message about believing in yourself, and finding your inner hero are great for the twelve and over set?

On Oatmeal:

Me: Sam why did you put that much milk in your oatmeal?

Sam: Mom! We are not all the same. Did you forget that?

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