Marcel Monday

Marcel-o-Man/ Mama C and the Boys

I would look in disgust at the mothers who brought their kids to the store in costumes.

I won’t be that parent. I will be the one who determines what we wear in public. As if everyday is Halloween. Poor child looks foolish.

It’s just that we were running late, and when I picked him up at daycare he had it on, and basketball practice was twenty minutes across town, and it started in ten…


A few lines from the Buddha boy this week:

Mom if you eat anymore of those spicy chips you’re going to complain about your tummy later.

All that alone time you had last night worked! You are not cranky today.

I am going to marry Uncle, because he doesn’t have hair.

That time that the you had me, and you already had Sam must have been very happy times for you Mom.  It doesn’t matter which tummy we came from either because we are always special to you.

May your inner or outer Spiderman guide you somewhere special this week too!

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  1. Just where would we be as mothers without those sweet reassurances and reminders =). He looks like he’s ready to take on the world.

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