Sammy’s first shot!

#9 is my #1/Mama C and the Boys

Dear Coach,

I love when I get to dribble the ball down the court. It is fun. Today at our game, who won?  Did you catch all the baskets? I scored one. I dribbled, and then at one point I tried. I was looking so hard, and one of the coaches told me to “Shoot!” So I did. I heard the swish.

Love, Sam


Sam dictated this letter to his coach. It was his idea to write this letter for his post. Then he read it out loud to me. What better way to relive the magnificence of Sam’s first basketball shot then to hear him write about it.


  1. Thank you Doret! I just went over to your blog and read your YA choices for the “Nerd..” award, and sent a tweet out. I’m going to share your blog with my students tomorrow too!

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