Marcel: It’s good to be home

Having fun!/ Mama C and the Boys

Marcel: It’s good to be home.

Me: How come?

Marcel: Because there is always toys here.

Me: Which toys did you miss the most?

Marcel: This guy and this guy and this one (pointing to menagerie of Lego/Playmobil friends).

Me: What is the hardest part of being away?

Marcel: Not playing with toys

Me: What is the best part of being somewhere new?

Marcel: Playing with other people!


If you asked me the same questions I’d answer them exactly the same, exchanging a computer for a Lego. Cool to collectively realize that we see each other and others in a new light away from all of our toys.


And just for fun I wanted to include these. One is Marcel’s hair. The other is the surface around the pool. If you squint, thanks to the composition, and the curls  you have a fun little moment:

Pebble surface/Mama C and the Boys
Marcel's hair/ Mama C and the Boys

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