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Mattress landing/Mama C and the Boys

Checking in from the “business center” (read small room with a Dell computer that renders me semi useless). Not sure how I managed to even get one photo from my phone to the desk top to here on my own. We are visiting our “surrogate” grandparents-Carol Anne and Dave in Rhode Island. Their daughter Sage has been my dear friend since college. She helped to navigate my way to Sam, and deliver Marcel. We are having one of the sweetest weekend adventures ever. A few hours in the car, and a hotel stay. The hotel has a pool. We have been there five times in two days. Need I say more? Oh, and a television with cable! (We don’t have this luxury at home–we’re a video only family.) And long hallways. Free breakfast buffet with a waffle maker. Two huge beds next to each other that serve as a run way and a launch pad.

In case you are still trying to figure it out, that first image is Sam in flight. Blue top, red suit. Marcel–the angelic one–was the leap from bed to bed instigator by the way. I have been nearly technology and worry free for over 48 hours. I am super good at leaving it behind when I’m away. OK the combination of smoke and hair spray eminating from the other business center hotel guest, just hit the beyond manageable place. How are you celebrating your magnificent selves this weekend? What can you shake up to create a little magic?

Lambie times two/ Mama C and the Boys

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