Marcel Monday: Love is smoke Or Is this how Buddha’s mother felt?

Me: Marcel can you tell me what love is?

Marcel: Love is peace.

Me: Wow. What is peace then?

Marcel: Peace is a smoke that goes on your heart.

Me: How does the peace smoke get there?

Marcel: You can smudge, or you can just ask the smoke to go on someone’s heart. Like on a hunter’s heart. You send them peace smoke and then they don’t want to kill animals anymore.*

Me: Does love come from anywhere else?

Marcel: Love is wherever people are who make good choices about peace. And love is in a hug. And I would love a shake and fries now please.


For those of you not familiar with the practice of smudging, it is something Marcel has seen on numerous occasions at the peace camp he attends.

*Ever since a weekend away during hunting season visiting a friend’s cabin, and having to wear orange to not be mistook for a fawn, Marcel has been obsessed with hunters and why they kill animals.


  1. “Love & Peace. ”

    It’s so interesting to see how he explains these concepts that cannot be seen, heard or smelt, only “felt”.

  2. My favorite line is “Love is wherever people are who make good choices about peace.” OMG from the mouths of babes!!!

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