Off Frame Friday

A variation on the wordless Wednesday. This first picture, although accidental is such an apt momento of the past week.

Off center/ Mama C and the Boys

This next one was taken during a very sweet “driving test” culminating event at Marcel’s preschool this week. Marcel was the third child to drive through the race course. He made it through two blocks, and stalled. He was parked near Mama for the rest of the event.

I am looking forward to some down time with friends, and the return to middle frame. I am working on a piece for The Adoption Constellation Magazine, and accepting that my new life as chauffeur is weeks away.

Driving Ace/ Mama C and the Boys

Swim, dance, and basketball are on the late winter list for the six and under set. AA baseball sign up was last night for the spring.

When did he stop chewing on baseballs and start throwing them hard enough to merit this?

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