Mayo in my coffee…

I looked at the mayonnaise jar this morning wondering if I could use that as milk product for my instant coffee because I am out of anything else that would do.  Yes, I drink instant coffee. Generic too. Sometimes. I’m in one of those “borrow from Paul to pay Peter” moments, financially and emotionally. I’ve released the reins on the postaday ride, because honestly, I’ve had a lot of reason lately to just slow down and hug on my kids. Unlike the news, I am going to spare you the specific details of last weeks events, and tell you that I didn’t mind when both kids woke me up last night or this morning for cuddles. In fact I relished it.

One of my readers here, after reading the poem I wrote said; “Maybe life is too short, or maybe it is the right length but we just don’t know it in time.”  That has been a mantra of sorts this week.

I wrote a post for Mixed and Happy this week called Mixed History Month? that I’m pleased with, except for a few typos that I would circle in all sorts of red ink if my students made them.  Perhaps by the time you read it, Liz over at Mixed and Happy will have worked her editorial magic for me.

A girlfriend is coming over this morning in a few minutes to watch and wake the boys so that I can go for a morning swim, when the pool opens. I can feel the water already.

To mayo in your coffee, and other acts of ingenuity and brilliance.


  1. Yeah, to mayo in coffee and giving yourself a break– daily-post-wise. and to extra cuddling– far more important than the daily post. One grown-up hug to you, from Laura

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