Wordless Wednesday: Hand jive with my baby

Can't catch this/ Mama C and the Boys

This taken last Sunday, on a little Mommy Sammy date–at a cafe called “Somewhere in Paris” or some other such silliness. Sam decided I wasn’t going to get his photograph. I tried to outsmart him. Neither of us was successful. But our date was super sweet. Evidence on table.

And yes for those of you who were wondering-snow day here today with up to 18″ predicted. What’s your forecast?

And where did you go on your last special date with a wee one?


  1. Thanks for the reminder. We used to do a lot of special dates with our middle child who always felt gipped. Then I did a rotation of dates with each girl, when my son was too little to care. Now I try to do a girls one and a little boy one. It was too hard to do 3 separately — my middle got so jealous when it wasn’t her turn, it kind of ruined it.

    They do love a cafe and also a run to Staples, their favorite store. And Panera bread, for some reason. On a miserable day, I take them to a big mall, to walk around. We love lunch at Nordstrom’s cafe, and a little shopping. They like Bath and Bodyworks, but it is usually a good time to buy them that dress up outfit that they need for something.

  2. Yikes! Guess that means lots of time in, and more possiblilities for sweet moments like this =). I am looking out at sunshine, but who knows what lies ahead…

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