Thankful Thursdays: Enemies a guest post

Today on Mama C, I am opening up the stage to a guest writer, not related to me. (But perhaps it was Sam’s success with his Sammy Saturday post, that gave the idea room to grow)  This particular piece grew out of a conversation the young philosopher was having with his mother, a dear friend of mine. I asked her if he would consider elaborating on his idea, and publishing his thoughts here. He accepted the offer.

When asked what got him thinking on the topic of enemies he said; “I just thought of it! It’s an idea that just came to me.” I am thankful today for young minds, and thinkers like Hezekiah who are questioning the world this way, and asking us how we can think and do it differently.


Introducing Hezekiah: From San Francisco, California , this nine year old lives with his older twin sisters and his his parents.  His hobbies are basketball, chess, soccer, violin, and reading. He has a pet rat named Eli.


I don’t get why people are enemies with other people.  It doesn’t make sense.  It’s not like people are different species from each other.  A tiger and an elephant – they might have to fight to survive.  They are different species.  But people – we are all the same species.  We’re all humans, after all.

So you don’t have to have an enemy.  No one needs to have an enemy of another person.  Having an enemy of someone else, it’s like having an enemy of your own self.

If there was no war, and everyone was friends with each other, the world would be a much happier place.  If this would be so, the world would thrive.  Much more people would be alive and there would be a lot more peace.  Please do not be enemies with people; it is not necessary.


Please feel free to direct comments to Hezekiah  who will be able to reply himself when his full schedule permits! If you know of any other young writers, who have a topic dear to their hear, that you feel are in need of a larger audience, let me know. I am considering beginning a new blog for young writers, if I determine the need exists. If you know of other places Hezekiah, or others should submit their pieces, feel free to link that here too.


  1. Hezekiah, I absolutely love what you have to say! Your ideas are so well stated and completely make sense. I don’t know why more people don’t think like you do! I hope to hear more in the future from you, either on this blog or maybe on your own. 🙂

    • Thanks for the compliment! i probably will publish another blog either on this web site or my own website(if a create one).

  2. Catherine, What a wonderful idea.

    Hezekiah, You say so much in just a few words. I love this:
    Having an enemy of someone else, it’s like having an enemy of your own self.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Hezekiah, you are so wise that I would like to know your opinion on something: Since we know that parents are so important in teaching their children about things like “enemies,” what do you think parents should teach their children so they believe as you do?

    • If you kill someone, you never work out the problem, but if you work it out with words, it will bring a lot more satisfaction. in order to work it out with your words, you have to teach your kid(s) conflict resolution.

  4. Sometimes people are so upset with each other that it is difficult to communicate. They are very angry, sad or hurt. How can these people talk to each other when there is so much fear and hate? Do you have a suggestion?

  5. no one should ever underestimate the world’s youth. keep doing what you’re doing, Hezekiah. You have a way with words and what you’re saying is so true. Its something everyone needs to hear more often.

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