Marcel Monday: Truth is a many plastic thing

Mama C and the Boys/ Line up!

Marcel:  I want to have a regular daddy. Does this guy have a regular daddy? (holding up a Playmobil guy)

Me: Maybe he had a donor.

Marcel: A coast guard donor? A brother and a coast guard donor?

Me: Sure


Marcel: OH NO!

Me: (from other room) What happened?

Marcel: There are Legos all over your kitchen floor!


Marcel: You want a piece of me?

Lego via Marcel: Pick a piece!


Marcel (to the assembled masses of plastication all over the kitchen table)  OK friends, time to go night night! Can you all get in your bed box, and meet me here in the morning?


    • Aren’t they great? They are actually a combination of Lego people–the bigger ones at the front of the image (ordered from their educational catalog) and Playmobil found at yard sales, and on line!).

  1. I love those little playmobil dudes? I need to find some little guys of colour like those ones. I love how you answered that one. Somtimes they don’t need a huge answer (or so I hope … 😉

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