Sammy Saturday: Hitting a Leapster Explorer Homerun

Mama C and the Boys/ Sammy in the big league

Me: Sammy how did you make this?

Sammy: I made it with my Leapfrog Explorer  camera (cartridge)*.

It was easy. It is a camera. I took a picture, and I chose a baseball helmet picture.

Me: Do you think other kids would like this camera converter thing you add to your Explorer?

Sammy: Y-E-S. You can make pictures, videos and play games with your own face or your put Mommy as the background.  Then you can make the images look like a spin paint machine with your finger.  You want me to show you?

Me: Sure. Can I add it to this post you are writing?

Sam: If you sign my name. I am the artist! Not you.

Mama C and the Boys/ Sammy is the artist

Me: You took a picture of you, and made this work of art?

Sam: Y-E-S. It’s simple. You could do it.  You just pull things around, and add designs. See the stripes on my shirt and the upside down cat?

Me: Where is the picture of you we put in the princess card?

Sam: How do you spell delete? (insert huge smile here.)


In an attempt to engage Sam in some early informational text writing skills, (the interview, the review, and the autobiography…) and to allow him to have more ownership of his story on the blog, Saturday is his day to decide what he wants to write about. We brainstorm ideas. It’s a fun way to get us working together, and to teach him to reread his words, and make sure he is saying it the way he meant to!

Mama C and the Boys/ Take this one!

After we wrote this, I suggested we contact LeapFrog and see if they might publish his review!  And look what happens when you ask?


  1. I love this authentic review by your 6 year old and can clearly see how the LeapFrog Explorer Camera and Video Camera can be used to engage kids in writing tasks. I look forward to reading Sam’s Saturday’s posts and think it would be a great idea to publish this on the LeapFrog Community! 🙂

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