if I could be…

If I could be anyone for an hour or two, and what I’d hope to experience or gain:

1. Katherine Hepburn: prowess, grace and fire

2. Marion Wright Edelman: ferocity, compassion  and commitment

3. Amy Tann: creativity, connection, spirit

4. Marie Curie: tenacity, drive, devotion

5. My grandmother: a chance, a dance, a laugh

6. My junior high nemesis: an apology, empathy, my gym clothes

7. Michelle Obama: where to begin?

8. My son’s first mom: seeing Sam through her eyes.

9. My mom: as a young girl arriving in the states for the first time

10. The daughter I lost at eleven weeks all grown: who the world would have known.

*Wednesdays are dedicated to What I am working on. Conversations with friends recently brought out how much we all seem to want to be someone different 99% of the time, rather than just be who we are.

True or not, I decided to sit with the idea for a while. This was the first list of ten women I came up with, and why.  I wish I had thought to include a rock star, or a comedian.  Maybe next time?

Who are the first few people who you’d want to be and why? If you create your own list, leave a comment, and a link for fun? Your list might change tomorrow, but at this very moment who comes to mind?

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