My daddy is a Storm Trooper: making sense of the donor thing

Mama C and the Boys/ Don't forget your hat

Marcel was playing with his Legos, while I was working on yesterday’s Letter to LePage. I missed the first part of this conversation. I tuned in loud and clear when I heard; OK Daddy you can have my light saber. Then I watched a masterfully orchestrated dance between a Storm Trooper guy, a little Lego guy and a big Playmobil guy.  Sometimes they are “guys” and sometimes they are “friends”. The conversation continued:

Is that everything you need Daddy? OK. Don’t forget your hat. I have it, and I am wearing it. But you need it too. I will hold it, until the other Storm Trooper guy goes home. You can have it then. OK Daddy. Now we have to go in the firetruck. You can come too. Here is your hat. OK?

I thought all this was pretty run of the mill roll play, wishing you had a Daddy Storm trooper in a firetruck kind of fantasy play, until he added; No you are not. You are not a donor. You are a Storm Trooper Daddy! Ah ha!

Then Legos went everywhere. Then it was time for a cuddle , a conversation, and a snack. Needless to say we’re working it all out, one light saber at a time.

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