Sing it on Sunday: Double Trouble and love to Dr. King

What started out as a meaningful vlog by the two boys on the meaning of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, went north when Sammy took over the editing function of the photo booth. So in honor of Dr. King, we are bringing joy and discovery into the world. Marcel suggested on the vlog you are not seeing that we “hug the people who cut down the trees at my old school, because they need love to make better choices.” They both dismissed the idea that Dr. King would like to come to a freeze dance party to synthesized Michael Jackson music. But Sam did think singing out, “I want you back,” would be a great thing to sing to Dr. King!

Good things come to those who wait folks. Marcel’s discovery (prompted by the sound of me snapping my fingers in the background) of two Sams is not to be missed.


  1. 1- This made my recoup day on the couch a million times better.
    2- Marcel’s discovery is to die for.
    3- Sammy has MOVES!

    Happy Sunday, Friend!

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