Marcel Monday

Marcel at age one/Mama C and the Boys
Marcel's hair/ Mama C and the Boys
Marcel's joy/ Mama C and the Boys
Sir Marcel the firefighter medieval knight /Mama C and the Boys
























Marcel this is your page, what should people know about you today:

I love the picture of you and me Mama.   My favorite food is ants, instead of squirrels.

Can you describe yourself: I’m little. I’m three.

One thing you’re good at: I’m good at running, splashing, and telling stories.

One thing you don’t like: I don’t like to eat pumpkin soup.

One place you’d like to visit one day: Tree’s* house.

One thing you’d like us to do more of: Play motorcycle. Pretend we are motorcycle drivers.

What is your favorite thing to do by yourself: Make things with my Stormtrooper legos, and have them go with the camels and the other people to the moon and eat cheese.

*Tree is Marcel’s name for his donor. For more on that story read about the donor here and here.


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