Postaday 2011

Goodbye 2010...

I tired to go to sleep. Restless. Boys are sleeping. I’m blogging. So, it’s decided then. I’m going to take the WordPress postaday2011 challenge because I want to shake things up here at Mama C. I want to write more, and have the blog help me shift, as well as help shifts happen.

Post a day simply means that I am going to post on this blog every day this year. In an effort to give that challenge some meaning and purpose I have let rise to the surface the following structure:

Marcel Monday: all things Marcel. His words whenever possible. His pics. His growth. An opportunity for a sweet year of Marcel’s musings and movements. Family might be more inclined to check in with the blog on Marcel Mondays and Sammy Saturdays.

Trouble on Tuesday: In an effort to record a little more introspection, and create a little more dialogue with the outside world, I hope to use this day to dump. Dump my worries and my struggles. Seek help, or just let it go. I imagine it being a place for my minute and worldly troubles to air. Those with enough troubles of their own feel free to skip this day, or add your own!

Working it Wednesday: In the best of all possible worlds, this will be a chronicle of what I’m doing to remedy the trouble from the day before…or maybe just a place to share something a member of the Mama C collective is working on.

Thankful Thursday: Gratitude. I want to have more of it, share that which I do, and hopefully offer some ideas along the way for noticing it in your life too.

Freedom Friday: A day devoted to freedom. I have no idea if that is about form or function. It just felt freeing in and of itself.

Sammy Saturday: It won’t be long before he demands a blog of his own. For now, we’ll see if we can hold him to a day. Like his brother, the idea of a weekly post devoted to his words, bumps, leaps and shouts. Tonight he was composing love songs into his new six second record and play back device Aunt Jenn sent. Since it is Saturday I’ll share it; “I’m pouting in the rain. Uhhh huh. You are my rain!”

Sing it on Sunday: A day to acknowledge that which seems worthy of praise. Links. Accomplishments. Ah has. Sunsets. Those mango bars from Trader Jo’s.

I just wished myself a Happy New Year, and toasted my computer with a clink of my orange juice in one of the only glasses we have not broken in 2010.  We’re off to a marvelous start!

PS. To the one reader I have that almost always writes me an email after every post to tell me how much you loved it-you are completely off the hook from doing that in 2011!


  1. I’m so excited to have posts to read everyday… I followed your blog awhile ago, lost touch with the adoption of my second child, and just found you again last night! Being a single mom of two children and part of an adoptive transracial family, I can relate to so much that you write. Last night, I was reading the post when you asked your son questions about you. I thought I’d try those same questions with my 4-year-old daughter. Having never met your family, being across the country from each other, a girl’s responses vs a boy’s responses, … all of these differences, I guessed our children’s answers would be very different. They were, except for #18 How are you and I different? “Our skin” – my daughter answered exactly like your son…. no further explanation (her other answers were mini-novels)… but this one answer crossed was all that needed to be said to explain the obvious difference our children experience. Thank you for your blog. Thank you for giving me this experience with my daughter.

    • Rachel-what a great comment–thank you! I can’t promise the everyday thing will be worthy of it’s glitz and intention, but I’m ecited to try and keep the bar way up there! I would love to learn more about you and your TWO kids.

      • I blogged during the adoption of both kids – but kept the blogs contained just with the adoption story and didn’t continue either blog after getting home. I just today started the story of our family. Feel free to check it out: There’s not much up there yet, but I’m very inspired to tell our story, so check back in awhile and hopefully I’ll be keeping it up!

  2. What an awesome idea! I’m back to hitting Blogger every day this month like I did last August (or which ever month that was). We’ll see how it goes. Looking forward to all the excitement over here.

  3. Mama C, I follow your blog regularly and look forward to reading your insightful, thoughtful, self-reflective and funny posts more regularly. Plus seeing more pics of those DANG cute boys you’ve got.

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