Mixed Nuts

from the archives: A year ago at Mama C

Marcel: Mommy can you say Ah-key-ah-ta?
Me: Akiata
Marcel: Say that four or seventeen more times and you will turn into a bird.

At breakfast with the grandparents, we went around the table stating one thing we’d like to learn how to do, do more of, or get better at in 2011:

Marcel: Uhmm. I know! I know! I’m going to not bonk my head so much.
Sam: Ski, play hockey, and ice skate better.
Marcel: And never fall through the ice Sam!

Sam and I were at the store yesterday picking out a cartridge for his new Leapster Explorer-the compromise for the DSI wanting 5 y.o.-that he was given for his birthday by
his grandparents. We walk in, he stops in front of me holds up a stop sign arm and says; Mom this is all about me–that means no peeking-not even for a second at clothes for you. And then he walks on. Huh.


At the end of a very poor, wildly frustrating lack of customer service event I say; Now I see why they call it Radio shack! (lower case for emphasis of course.) As it turns out, the frustration on my part was probably exaggerated, but still.


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