Reading to your fans on Black Friday (video)

Here is Sam giving Black Friday a new twist: the day you as a young early reader do something very very very impressive the Friday after that Thursday.

OK so he is more recalling here, than reading. Yesterday he read-read it. Today he remembered reading it for the most part. For all of you parents of younger kids who wonder the merit of reading the same book over and over again? Here is the payoff. A child “reading” a book, and feeling every one of his pours dancing in that accomplishment. Yes he remembers most of it, but when he gets stuck, notice how he sounds it out, and arrives (sometimes with his brother’s unrequested assistance) through his very real efforts.

I can’t imagine a more fitting post to bring us 1000 hits away from 30,000 views. Soon Sam might need his own blog with all the literacy going on around here!


  1. priceless. I watched the whole thing in wonder. definitely an inspiration to keep on reading to Matthew! thanks, Sam, for reading us such a wonderful book!

    • Thanks for the kind words! I have been over to your sight many times in the last week–LOVE IT. I just shared your Native American post with a colleague–(I teach middle school) and we were both thrilled.

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