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Sammy on the edge of thought

A few one liners I found in my notes from last month’s workshop that struck me then, and strike me now:

Questions are guaranteed in life, answers are not. Astrid on her facility and ease doing these workshops. She was reflecting on how many questions she gets, and how she feels about the sheer volume of them that come her way.

We are cramming racism into a bullet. Astrid on how quickly the subject of racism was being covered in our dwindling time together. I thought the play on words here was ironic and wildly accurate.


The sunset looks like a dragon breathing fire. Marcel taking over as the family poet.

Well you stuck up half witted scruffy looking nerf herder.  Marcel to me at daycare this morning, when I asked him to put his lunch in the fridge. This care of Han Solo via Uncle, who gets a peculiar thrill out of teaching his nephews to say ridiculous epithets perfectly. The timing here was priceless as it was perfectly silent at the time, and I was surrounded by three parents I don’t know. I just smiled, and said; “Never enough Star Wars is there?” Those birthday party invitations may take a little dip this winter.


Sam had two humdingers here too. But when I asked him if I could share them he said; NO!


  1. I love the way this piece finishes! I love the way that a sense of Sam comes through even in this, and maybe that’s because we’ve read about him a lot before, but also because actions speak louder than words and here he’s shown so much of who he is by asserting himself. I love what your actions (and also your words in your faithful reporting) say about you as a mother too.

    I have an eight year old who doesn’t allow me to post anything about her, but I can’t bear for her not to be mentioned at all so I write a bit about how she doesn’t let me write about her. I accept it as her right, and have to work around it, finding other things to write about for posting and other ways and non-public places to write about my experience parenting her, which is my biggest challenge and biggest joy (she’s my eldest).

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