Workshop face

School photo pose-future MBA candidate?

Yesterday at dinner, showing off his kindergarten school photo pose.

(I sense that I always pick a shirt, that I hope his first mom, his Tea will approve of. Not the one she would pick- there is a difference, but one she’d approve of.)  I also pick a photo I want Sam to look back on later and say; “Mom why did you make me wear that?”

This photo I love, because it reminds me of how I want to feel inside as the workshop weekend arrives. Oh wait, has arrived. Tonight. Our speaker is safely ensconced in her hotel, my list are printed out and highlighted and noted, and our very thoughtful contributors have bags of this and that waiting for us to pick up. There are parents around New England preparing themselves in one fashion or another for launching into this new territory together, and individually. And there is the little speech I want to present tonight. There is the thank you, and the here we are, and the look around you, and the let’s get to it, and the now what? speech I want to write that will take two minutes or less.

How I miss this blog. How I long to return, and bring you up to date on so many important things, like Sam’s successes, Marcel’s new friends, and my BIG relealizations that promise to resonate with some, and surprise others.

Wish us all well today, and tomorrow. Big efforts and new efforts culminating and beginning, and I am in the middle of all of it. I love it. And you my readers are there too, because this is where it all began, in more ways than you know!


  1. This makes me smile =). Sam looks like he is ready for business.! I imagine his school pictures, and that shirt, being pure perfection. Good luck with your event!

  2. He is simply beautiful. Oh yes! I definitely see a future MBA candidate; maybe even a doctor, or an anthropologist or even an adoption advocate like his Mama 🙂 I can’t wait on your big surprise. But in the meantime I wish you all well in whatever life has to offer.

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