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I haven’t done the sweet–recap of the last three years of Marcel’s magnificence in honor of his birthday last week. I’d love to whip out the baby shots, in some kind of meaningful chronological order and regale you all…. But I honestly don’t have those kind of photo organizing skills, not to mention spare time. (The Adoption Workshop draws near, and the registrations are not where I was hoping they’d be. So every spare moment is devoted to begging people to help spread the word, and inviting those who are still undecided to reconsider. ) As my mother approaches her 75th tomorrow (she is pictured below with Marcel) I had this wildly sweet thought that my grandmother Meme would have been carrying my mom in the same months of the year. Of course, the seasons would not really resemble each other as she was in Guadeloupe and not Maine some seventy-three years before. Still rather powerful to imagine our parallel shifts in our bodies, and welcoming our little babies into the world within a week of each other on the calendar. So happy early birthday Nana, thinking sweetly of you Meme wherever you are looking down on us from, and here’s to all the fall births being celebrated past and present.

So for those of you who like this kind of thing, here is one of the babe about three years ago:

and now


  1. OH.MY.GOSH!!! I’m sorry Marcel, but you have not change one bit =). Look at those “Marcel” expressions on your tiny little face. So precious, and adorable, and cutsey pie, and… I should probably Submit Comment before I start talking to the screen in my baby voice!

    Happy Birthday Marcel!

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