in flight-over and over



and over again


For some, mastering school is not about sitting still, or listening to the teacher’s request the first time.  For some mastering school is about being the youngest one brave enough to take on the jump rope line, and the only one able to stay in it long enough for the whole little ditty about the jumping bean to make it to the part where you get to clap your hands and turn around. For some being the one that all the other children are in awe of because you know what it means to take flight and stay there is the work you were meant to be rewarded for today.  For some this is a much better reason for people to stare at you, then because your mother is clearly not the same color as you.

Behavior charts, star stickers and computer time rewards that you did not get because you and your friend were caught coloring on the floor during nap time are the work of another day. This week was clearly about launching in a different direction, because you can.


  1. I wanna jump rope with Sam! These photos are gorgeous, Catherine. I hope next week sees an improvement in some of those other areas. There’s plenty of star stickers to go around, he’ll get his share, I’m certain.

    • Thanks Tameka! His teacher said that he is making progress in the right direction–and she will let me know if that stalls… I am relaxing, and having faith which is what we all need!

  2. I love this: “relaxing and having faith, which is what we all need.”

    (It’s all we need, I think, especially faith.)

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