In the fall I love

In the fall I love.

Crisp round orange and red.

Lingering on that cool edge

pre knit hats, thick sweaters, and heavy blankets on the bed.

In the fall I love.

Apples picked crisp from orchard trees

white and blue herons in the marsh yellow reads

and the memory of Marcel’s birth.

Joining me, Sam, (and parenthetical Dixie D) into a robust

choice blended multi everything family.

And in the fall I love

to be reminded of the missing father men

who chose then knowing or not to father boys

mine now. Crowning me queen

in brown yellow and red

leaves of a disparate

but thriving and falling

and falling and falling

in love with you tribe.

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  1. Miss you all! You’re looking beautiful — sun-crisped and happy. Eloquent poetry, too. I’m working on poems with 8th and 9th graders and ended up writing up a “where I’m from” poem the other day that will need to make it to the blog eventually. Would that I had the confidence you do!!

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