Delusional ideas from a laser brain

For those who are wondering, Sam’s kindergarten transition has been smooth as butter on warm toast. All that he self reports (which is limited I’ll admit) indicates ease, and joy in it all.  His teacher says he’s smart, and get’s bored when there is too much down time.  Unlike those who report their kids are exhausted after a full day at school, mine is ready for two more hours at the playground, time on the home mini trampoline, the before dinner dance party, and the after dinner bike ride.  A few highlights from Mr. Matriculated himself:

Me: So what was one rose and one thorn from your day Sam? (We stole this method of checking in from the First Family.)

Sam: All roses Ma. Roses, roses, roses everywhere. We can call it a bouquet.


Me: Sam what did you do in art class? Paint? Playdough? Stick glue up your nose?

Sam: Where did you get a delusional idea like that laser brains?

(revealed later that the source was Princess Leah to Han Solo. A favorite movie around here.)


Me: Sam what about friends? Are you making new ones?

Sam: Kazillions.

Me: That’s a lot…

Sam: They follow me around everywhere mom.

Me: Get used to it honey. That’s what fabulous means. People will want to be around you all the time.

Sam: Oh.


And how is little brother handling it all:

Me: Marcel you are such a big boy.

Marcel: No I’m not. I am little. Very little. So little I need to sleep in your bed tonight, and always be around you.



  1. My daughter is all revved up and ready for more action after a full day of pre-school too (and she is there basically 9 to 5 while I work) – definitely not what I expected!

    Love the quote from Star Wars!

  2. Your boys always say the most amazing things! It is so clear how amazingly sweet and brilliant they both are. I love reading about them:)! Thank you for sharing!

  3. LOL. Don’t you just love conversation time? The ways that children apply their knowledge is priceless! I engage in conversations like these with my daughter daily.

  4. My kid acted like she had been hit by a Mack truck for the first three weeks. Everything is calm now, but my goodness. Congrats to Sam for having such a good time in school!

  5. Awwwwn that’s so great. School is a big step in life. I’m so glad he’s loving it. I worry about my little brother sometimes because he has my shyness and sometimes that can make school hard. I try to encourage him to be friendly and just have fun. He’s doing much better then when he had started school though so I think he’s getting there. I think He’ll do fine over all though.

  6. Did Sam really say “we can call it a bouquet?” Thats the cutest thing ever! It brought tears of joy to my eyes. (maybe I’m just over emotional. lol) I guess he’s gonna be a poet, too!

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