On the night before kindergarten…

to very large steps

And I am a little overwhelmed with feelings. It is such an arrival and a departure all at once.

Driving home from the book store, where we had purchased a “Have a great year” gift card for Sam’s new teacher, with another parent, (which feels less like it is about us, and more like it is about her) I felt totally lost.

Then this wave of calm came over me, when I realized that I knew who would really get it.

So I sent Sam’s first mom a little text.

We have an infrequent, but very easy and meaningful text connection.

“Sammy is starting kindergarten tomorrow, and is thrilled and ready.” I read it Sam, and asked if I could send that to her.

“Sure.” he said.

She texted back immediately. She sent him and his brother all her love, and reported that her kids were off to a very good start too.

I felt so tenderly connected to her then. I don’t always find such ease in my choices to write, or send pictures, or text. I always want this kind of ease. Today it was like sharing the greatest news ever with a friend who you know understands on every layer all the implications of that news.

Sometimes, it can be simple.  Easy even.

Marcel to school, and then Sam and I will go get a homemade donut–his favorite, and go to school. I am so proud of him, of me, of the family I created, of all the intention I have placed into the universe around parenting him. I have a kindergartener who says to me before bed; “Mom I love being smart.”

I love it too baby. I love it too.


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