EOS Snaps

kite brothers
Family portrait by Sam
Mama C and Little C by Sam

As end of summers go, this one feels strong, hopeful, charged and dare I say-ready? Wishing all of the Mama C families a lovely Labor Day, and start to the (school) year.  Sammy, Marcel, and Uncle are doing a practice walk to the bus stop. I thought I’d start crying, so I am doing the dishes. Or throwing the paper plates in the trash, and posting some pictures. Eddie made dinner.

Eddie is back, and going to prep and cook meals four times a week in exchange for a place to live as long as she needs it, and we can convince her to stay. I went to the grocery store to get the ingredients for the meals she’s making this week. The list of things she told me to buy. How blissed out am I with this new arrangement? Not only will our E be living downstairs, but we get to share meals with her, and I don’t have to cook four meals a week! Make that five-Uncle has agreed to cook on Mondays, from the upstairs apartment where he now resides.

I am thankful for the new ease I have created in my life. Bring on the new year. I’m ready.


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