Powerful feelings

are surfacing around here.

It helps to be a Power Ranger, or at least look like one,

when you are leaving behind the known for the unknown.

Kindergarten is a week away.

Sam and I are in a new dance, that has both of us unsure of our footing.

We’re a complicated configuration,

without a manual, a map, or a destination most days.

I heard him belly laugh today for the first time

in days

when I filled up my mouth with water while brushing my teeth,

and sprayed it all over the bathroom in his direction

when he dared me to.

Then when he did it?

I freaked.

When will I just let go of the fantasy

that parenting was meant to be easy?

Probably long after Sam lets go of the fantasy,

that Power Rangers are immune to pain

and they can leave behind the known world in one giant launch off your friend’s back porch.


  1. Eeek. Hope that ranger didn’t take an extremely hard hit. Isn’t it funny how things can be scary and exciting simultaneously? Maybe Sam will spot a friend or two on the first day, and will be excited about “hanging out”, excited about all the cool things about Kindergarten. Hoping those smiles/laughs keep filling your household!

  2. Aaah yes, kindergarten…the best part of it is there’s only one first day. I meant that for you, of course. Sam’s a Power ranger, but us mere mortal moms…we’re the ones that need a fantasy life in which to retreat.

    Best wishes for a wonderful school year.

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