Marcel Scores

photo by M. Schickele

Marcel started a new preschool this week, and is doing remarkably well with the transition. He is the youngest one there, and seems so at home in the space, and the routine already. A tear free goodbye this morning-which even included four kisses blown to me from across the room, followed by; “Have a good day mom!”

He sings the name of the school between deep breaths as he falls asleep at night.

As honeymoon periods go, we’ll take it.  (Today was his third 1/2 day there, and the next two will include nap time.) We were very happy where we were, yet in my heart I knew that he was ready for something new, not more. Like when you’re happy at a job for years, and could easily stay there, or you could look elsewhere because another part of you is ready to grow.

What I didn’t realize, was how much being in something that was all about him, and not one bit about Sammy, might be part of the magic too. As the third child, I had that experience when I went to a high school that neither of my older brothers attended, and it was indeed a great thing for me.

Today his new teacher (who happens to be a woman of color-a first for our family in the preschool setting) said; “I don’t know what you’re doing with that child Mama, but whatever you’re doing it’s working. He is one of the nicest, easiest, sweetest, most helpful little boys I’ve met in a long, long time.” That is of course 98% Marcel, and 2% rearing. But I’ll take that 2%!

When Sammy came in with me at pick up, and said hello to this teacher by name, (we had practiced that in the car, because proper greetings  is a skill that I’m stuck on teaching the boys) she reacted with pure joy.  She smiled large, praised his manners, and then pulled him to her, and gave him a gigantic hug.  I couldn’t have asked for a more positive reaction to why I insist that greeting someone by name is important.

Marcel’s in a great place. I’m taking credit for helping him prepare for this transition well (I’ve done this a few times as some readers might recall–Sammy for one reason or another went to four schools in five years) and Sammy is looking more and more like a kindergartener by the minute. Registrations are coming in for the October workshop, and I’m looking forward to my return to work in a new way that I can’t exactly explain, but it feels important too.

I’d say we’re coming into fall with a few solid runs up on the board, wouldn’t you?


  1. Let’s say 20%. 🙂 I’m so glad to hear things are going so well! Transitions galore in your family these days! Your boys are going to grow up so well rounded and easy going. Good work, Mama!

  2. We can always take joy in any evidence that, by grace, we’ve managed to provide our children with what they needed to grow and flourish. (Even if sometimes it’s in spite of us – it still worked!)

    If a plant you care for is blooming, then somehow you’re giving it what it needs.

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