Sam and Grampy

Sam and Grampy, August 2010

Sam and David,

both named after biblical kings.

Grampy’s grandfather was a foundling,

or left on a doorstep,

the nineteenth century version of adoption.

Both love baseball,

and have found in the circumference of that ball

a deep and growing connection.

My father and my firstborn son

whom I love watching discover each other.



  1. Three things:
    1) We called my own Grampy Grampy so that term has a special place in my heart.
    2) Amazing that Grampy was a “foundling.”
    3) Such a wonderful photo
    4) Lovely poem – I love how poems say so much in so few words.

    Okay that was four. I really should stop writing lists! lol.

  2. Just checking in on your beautiful family. And LOVING that photograph. It says summer and grandparent bonding all over it. Hoping I get a good photo soon. . . . Good job!

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